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The Nudist on the Late Shift

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
I search for an icon of the Valley, and eventually track down the urban legend of the Nudist on the Late Shift.

2. The Newcomers:
A thrilling chronicle of six young people's lives from the day they move to Silicon Valley until they meet their fate. The only longitudinal study of the gold rush phenomenon.

3. The IPO
I was given unheard of access to write about the inner workings of what it's really like to go public. I follow one company through the journey, from Silicon Valley to the 50th floor of Goldman Sachs on Wall Street.

4. The Entrepreneur
Learn the story of one entrepreneur, from his arrival at Los Angeles airport 10 years ago with $200 in his pocket, until he sells his company to Microsoft for $400 million. Was he truly great, or was he just lucky to be here at this place in this time?

5. The Programmers
Internet programming has squared the complexity of coding and made top-flight programmers into stars with more work than they can turn down. Meet three amazing coders who live in a commune, fly planes, and attempt to craft a new community with a new attitude towards work.

6. The Salespeople
You never hear about the salespeople, but they keep the industry afloat. I spent six weeks on the road with a dozen salespeople, learning their tricks and watching them make quota.

7. The Futurist
Do those futurists really believe those bold predictions they make? Or are they just blowing smoke to get on TV?

8. The Drop-Out
He may be the smartest, most inventive genius in high-technology. Why has he given it up for a few years to build theme park rides?

9. Conclusion: Is the "Revolution!" Over?
I get passed around Silicon Valley like a piece of gossip, showing you the inner workings of this unusual world.