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Previous Books

Bombardiers - Fiction
The First $20 Million is Always the Hardest - Fiction
The Nudist on the Late Shift - Nonfiction

I have always tried to write about the issues of our day.

Back in the 1990s, the issues I tackled were the modern obsession with business as pop culture, and the migration of millions of young people into finance and technology.

I'm incredibly proud of these previous books. The all won accolades. They're considered some of the best books on their subject. They made me a lot of money and won me fans such as Tom Wolfe and Mario Puzo. They demonstrate lots of wit and insight and literary pizazz. I was chronicling "my generation" as it migrated to the hot lifestyles of high finance and high technology. I think what led my generation to celebrate those industries was the inherent question of what to do with our lives, and for awhile those places seemed like answers. So I wrote about them, in a very entertaining way - two novels and one book of literary nonfiction. If you're interested, enjoy them. I still do.