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The Sanchez Grotto Annex

In 2005, Doug Wilkins opened a second grotto location on Sanchez Street near the Castro District of San Francisco. There are private rooms for 9 writers on one floor of a three-story building in a residential neighborhood. Their fledgling website is here. Currently working there are:

Alison Bing - art and food critic, Lonely Planet contributor, editor, and self-styled content maven

Melodie Bowsher - a former Wall Street Journal reporter, Melodie has worked as a freelance business writer in various forms.  She is the mothe of two, whose crisis-filled teenage years provided fodder for her first novel. That novel, My Lost and Found Life, is published by Bloomsbury in fall 2006.

Michael Chorost- freelance writer, contributor to Wired, and author of Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human

Scott James (aka Kemble Scott) - journalist, editor of the SOMA Literary Review, and author of the forthcoming SOMA (a novel)

Kara Knapfelc - Travel writer, Lonely Planet contributor, USF writing instructor, and fiction writer

Paul Linde - psychiatrist and author of Of Spirits and Madness: A Psychiatrist's Year in Zimbabwe

Shana Mahaffey - fiction author and web content contributor

Rob Tocalino - freelance writer, 826 Valencia stalwart, freelance web content provider, and fiction writer

Doug Wilkins (aka Wells Dunbar) - professional goof-off, and author of the forthcoming novel of futuristic nostalgia, Wag and the Distant Bums, as well as the young reader's novel Trudy and the Transdimensional Trolley



The Grotto is a place. Or, it is a hypothesis about "Place", which we have been testing for some time. The hypothesis is that working writers will be more productive (and have more courage to pursue the kind of writing they really want to do) if they work in a community of writers -- if they surround themselves with other writers pursuing this same vague ambition. The writers and filmmakers at the Grotto are not united by anything more than that -- not by any school of thought, or style, or genre. Our differences rub off on each other, informally, and we grow into talents we didn't even know we had.