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Prologue to First 20 Million



Note: This is an abridged transcript approved by the Legal Department for permanent storage in the employee’s personnel file. A confidential unabridged transcript is retained by the Legal Department.


Most Recent Department: SALES & MARKETING
Interview Date: April 10, 1992
Departure Date: April 10, 1992
Reason for Departure:
_ Terminated
X Voluntary

Int: You may not take anything other than your personal belongings. Client records, your rolodex, notebooks, any equipment issued to you, cellular phones, laptops, all backup diskettes—those must be turned over by this afternoon.

Caspar: I turned them in yesterday. I gave you the form ten minutes ago.

Int: That’s fine, I just need these statements on the tape.

Caspar: Okay.

Int: And you understand that your memory of the information that you turned in, that information is also the property of Omega Logic, and you may not share that information with any future employers.

Caspar: What would I share? It’s all going to be obsolete soon anyway. Your prices, your technology. The customers will still be there but in three months all the contacts will have changed.

Int: If you could just acknowledge having heard these questions, this will go faster. Now, have you accepted a job offer from another employer?

Caspar: No.

Int: Have you applied for positions at any other corporation or organization?

Caspar: No.

Int: Can you give us some idea of why you are choosing to leave?

Caspar: Can you give me a good reason to stay?

Int: Your performance reviews were excellent.

Caspar: So?

Int: Uh, presumably you were good at it, and would take pride in that.

Caspar: I’m only 26. If I’m already good at it, what challenge does that leave me for the rest of my life?

Int: Hmmm.

Caspar: Let me ask you something. Does your job have any real honest-to-god challenge in it? Does it present you with problems you can’t solve?

Int: This interview is not about me.

Caspar: See? That’s why I’m leaving. You can leave yourself out of it. But I can’t. I can’t live in just a small part of myself anymore.

Int: [pause] I think patience and stability are sometimes underrated.

Caspar: Who are you trying to convince? Me, or yourself?