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Email to Readers, February 2007


Dear Readers, 
This was a big week for me, all of a sudden.
While I was on tour this last January, I mentioned to many of you that I was working with Ashley Merryman on an article for New York magazine on the science of praising kids - and how it can have some inverse consequences that we intend it to.
Well, the article came out Monday, and New York had the good sense to put it on their cover.

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Immediately, the blogosphere exploded with talk about the article. In a single day, the article (which you can read here on this link) was emailed more than any other article on New York's site had been emailed over 30 days.
They talked about the article on The View on Tuesday, then on Wednesday the Wall Street Journal wrote about the article, and today Good Morning America aired a segment based on the article. (You can see that segment here.) Tomorrow, we have several NPR shows lined up.
But it wasn't the only cover story I had this week. On the same day, Monday, my profile of CNN journalist Anderson Cooper for Mens Journal hit newstands. It too has caused some commotion, triggering MSNBC's Keith Olberman to attack Cooper. This was frankly a little surprising, since I respect both of them a great deal.
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This article's not available online, but its on most newstands if you're interested.
Fyi, if you read the New York article on praising children and you want more practical advice on how to talk to your kids, I'd recommend Carol Dweck's book, Mindset.
Take care,
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