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Bombardiers - Description

Bombardiers is a tribute to Catch-22 and a manic, very black satire of the globalization of business. It is set almost entirely in the workplace, the insane high-pressure pits of a bond sales desk at an international investment bank.

A lot of readers tell me, "I never thought I would have wanted to read a novel about investment bankers, until I picked it up and read the first page." I think that "investment bankers" scares readers, conjuring up genres of thinly-written thrillers and characters so greedy or so upper crust that they're not real. That's not Bombardiers. Its stars are not the dealmakers but the poor salespeople who have to actually sell the bonds to the public which will finance the absurd deals made by their superiors.

I think anyone who's worked in a job they didn't like, anyone who's worked in an office tower, and anyone who has a distrust of big business will groove on this book. I wrote it because I felt like the American life had been swallowed by the demands of work and career, yet American writers were running away from this obvious topic, ignoring it, writing about anything but the erosion of self that occurs in the daily grind.