Monday, October 05, 2009

Writing About Babble on Babble & The Latest Review...

Today, Po and I have a piece, 11 Ways to Jump-Start Language Skills, on, which gives new parents' some more specific thoughts on how to use the research from our language chapter with infants and toddlers. There's also a companion piece / interview with Po there as well.

And this morning, we were delighted to see a rave review from Library Journal:

"Prepare to be slack-jawed as Bronson (What Should I Do With My Life?) and Merryman excavate astonishing research that reveals why our parenting strategies have backfired . . . . The book presents a panoramic view of the latest research and is further distinguished by pragmatic prose that avoids alarmism and sanctimony. Verdict: This tour de force is one of the best parenting psychology books in years and will likely be seismic in influence.—Julianne J. Smith, Ypsilanti Dist. Lib., MI"


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