Monday, September 14, 2009

NurtureShock Latest

We've had some wonderful reactions to NurtureShock and the adaptation of our piece in Newsweek that we had to share.

The book was "enthusiastically recommended!" by Impressed by our "staggering amount of evidence," Joana of The Symposium concurred with: "I strongly recommend and encourage any person who has even the slightest day to day contact with children to pick up a copy of this book." Today's Adventure proclaimed: "Shocking, insightful, entertaining. Read it!" She's Going Bananas said that the Newsweek excerpt was a "must read" that stopped her in her tracks.

Metroreader opined: "Every so often a book is published that dominates the conversation on a particular topic and changes the conventional wisdom. NurtureShock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman is such a tide-changing tome. It will set parents’ (and others’) tongues wagging for years to come. . . . I think I am a better parent for having read NurtureShock and you will be too!"

We always love it when booksellers are excited about the book, so we were delighted to see Green Apple Books conclude that "what they’ve found will surprise, entertain and enlighten you. . . . This is a book that, if you are a parent, will quite literally change your life and maybe that of your children."

But I do admit that my favorite post came from LibraryQueue; she reported that her three-year-old saw the cracked-egg cover and replied with a concerned, "Uh-oh, Mommy! Your book is broken!"

Also, today, SharedBook is going live with three chapters of the book; there, you can add comments to the text and even order a printed version of the annotated copy. FYI, it's still a bit of a work-in-progress: there are some functionality issues that we hope that they can work out, and, unfortunately, the software doesn't work with Safari, so you'll have to use Explorer or Firefox to get to it. Hachette Book Group also has an on-line excerpts of the book (click on the "Open Book" link).


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