Sunday, September 20, 2009

NurtureShock in the news

Before Po and I both head back on the road this week (me in the New York City area, Po in Sacramento and St. Paul/Minneapolis – please come!), a quick update –

Following up on its earlier great review, in this week, San Francisco Chronicle's Top Shelf / Recommended Reading column has NurtureShock at the top of its nonfiction recommendations, proclaiming: "'Mythbusters' for anyone who has a child - or was one." (Thanks, Gallery Bookshop!)

Swellbeing twittered: "My MUST read book of 2009: Nurtureshock" while Po and I were guests of KUER's RadioWest.

We've also been really interested in the continuing conversation about Newsweek's excerpt of our race chapter. We were honored to have our Newsweek colleague Raina Kelley call it "brilliant," while other venues as varied as Inside Catholic, ("fascinating") and The Guardian of Trinidad took their turns to reflect on it.

But some of the reaction took a surprising turn – as Rush Limbaugh and other conservative Republicans falsely claimed that we'd written a liberal attack on anti-Obama Republicans. We flatly disagree: theirs is a willful misrepresentation of our article, and an unforgivable distortion of the findings we reported in it.

Our chapter/excerpt is apolitical, and its findings apply regardless a family's political persuasion. For more of our response, check out this week's issue of Newsweek – you can also read it online.


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Hello Ms. Merryman- I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post on my blog with such a civil and thorough explanation of your research. I have posted it prominently and have encouraged all my readers to buy the book. Not that I have enough readers to tip the NYT Best Sellers list or anything. But that is why I am writing to thank you- you chose to engage me (and my readers) even though we are a small group. Many thanks, and best wishes for success with your book and your research. Amy Wilson (

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