Monday, October 08, 2007

Sleep - Without Snooze, You Lose

From Po & Ash:

Today, we have two new features for New York Magazine in which we explore the fascinating – and surprisingly scary – ways that sleep deprivation can affect a child's cognitive, emotional and physiological development. And very early this morning, Po was interviewed about the pieces by Harry Smith on CBS's The Early Show. (Yes, Po's currently slightly sleep-deprived from getting up at 4 am to be interviewed about sleep deprivation.)

We're very excited about these pieces, and we really hope that you'll read both. The main article, Can A Lack of Sleep Set Back Your Child's Cognitive Abilities? (available both in the print and on-line edition of the magazine) is an overview of the effects of sleep deprivation on children. The second, a web-exclusive, How To Get Kids To Sleep More, isn't just your standard advice piece: in that one, we provide the scientific basis for the experts' suggestions on how to get a good night sleep – and explore what we often do that inadvertently prevents getting sleep.

Because we all know that sleep matters. What's amazing is just how much it matters. Sleep isn't just a time of rest – it's when learning is consolidated in the brain, it's when the body's metabolism works its magic, and when emotions are regulated.

Over the next few days, we're going to be blogging more information about both kids' and adults' sleep, so please come back for much more.



OpenID Syven said...

The first thing I did today was print out a copy of this for my own kids who consider sleep a barrier to last minute study for term exams. Whether they listen to me probably may have far more to do with how I adjust my own poor sleep habits.

Even with facts in hand it is so difficult for me to develop the sleep habits that this article endorses and which I also recognize. It is not simply a case of sleep hypocrisy on my part, but some really poor habits including using my sleep space as a convenient work area and paying more attention to a mind that is constantly in a state of active motion - to the point that I talk in my sleep.

This article certainly reinforces that I need to ease up enough to create a dramatic change in my sleep habits and that in due course, when I understand the connection as totality between the words snooze and lose - I do certainly think that it is an important personal decision, but this article rubber stamps that it is a life changing decision.

Obviously getting better sleep can never be a personal battle, the irony is that the more I will think this, the more awake I will remain or at least who knows, I may end up quoting passages of this article in my sleep talking - without making significant progress.

So I understand that the key is meditative and seeing sleep as a balance rather than as an activity or a "to-do" - so I am recommitted after reading this piece to improve my own sleep and by March of 2008 I will hopefully fit into this new pattern as a matter of regularity. Once I am in flow with my own sleep, I will share this article with kids and if the net result is a physical transformation of my own appearance and my own ways - my kids are going to be sure to notice it, which makes my job of convincing them about the joys of sleep and so timing is key, when I hand my kids this article, it will be because I led by example.


[Written for own self-development]

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