Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This Week's Recommended Reading #23

From Ash:

There were quite a few interesting articles in the past week+, most having to do with education, so I'm going to do a second Recommended Reading just on those. But in the meantime, here are some pieces of a more general interest.

Valentine's Food For Thought

Canadian radio show "And Sometimes Y" has an interesting look on the lexicography of love – what's love versus lust, the poet's view of love compared to the psychologist's. I caught the show while broadcast, but, hopefully, the show will be archived on the show's page soon enough.

If you're heading around a mall trying to figure out what to get your sweetheart, uh, no pressure, Guys – but you want to first read this Reuters' piece on how women would rather have new clothes than sex. While Yale undergrads might not agree, this survey found that women would consider the loss of their favorite clothing worse than no sex – perhaps because their clothes last longer than their relationships.

Women's Salaries

The LA Times took a look at how an increasing percentage of women are making more money than their spouses, but I'm giving that piece a qualified recommendation. It's what the piece omitted that's the real problem. First, the increase is just from 17.8 to 25.3% – and it took 20 years for that increase. Which is nothing compared to the concomitant rise of women in the workforce, on the whole. The article then argues that if women make more than husbands, dads will become caregivers – but there hasn't been a full-time father-caregiver rise. At the same time, they didn't try to examine how these financial relationships affect marital stability.

Immigration Overview

The Washington Post has an interesting collection of immigration articles, from different perspectives. Not as jawdroppingly wonderful as the earlier migration series by the LA Times, but still worth a few minutes of your time.

What Parents Fear the Most: The Media

Reuters reported that parents are very concerned about these kids today – but the influence that worries them the most is The Media. More than sex and drugs and rock 'n roll. No, wait, rock 'n roll is part of the problem. What's interesting is that they consider themselves responsible for patrolling kids: they don't seem to be saying that The Media should be forced to clean up its act. But then, given this point of view, it might be commercially reasonable to address their concerns, no?

News You Can Use:

A public service announcement: Congress has moved up the day we all switch to daylight savings time by a whopping four weeks. Last year, it started on April 2. This year, it starts on March 11. Check your TiVo (or if you're a tech-primative like me, the clock on your VCR). (Did you know that it was Ben Franklin who invented DST? And that it's possible he meant it as a joke?)


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