Monday, December 04, 2006

Immigration - Senator Biden Says the Answer Is In Mexico

From Ash:

The headline of the AP piece, "Biden: Blame Immigration Woes on Mexico," grabbed my attention, since it reminded me of the headline Time editors gave our column on immigration ("Blame Mexico"). In that piece, we had argued that Mexican leaders gain so much from immigration – financially and politically – that they literally sponsor migration of their poorest: unless we address that, nothing will really change here in the U.S., no matter what we do on this side of the border.

Turns out Joe Biden, the Delaware Senator (and possible presidential candidate) who will soon chair the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee, agrees.

From the AP, reporting on a recent speech he gave: "'Mexico is a country that is an erstwhile democracy where they have the greatest disparity of wealth,' Biden said. 'It is one of the wealthiest countries in the hemisphere and because of a corrupt system that exists in Mexico, there is the 1 percent of the population at the top, a very small middle class and the rest is abject poverty.'"

Without addressing the corruption and poverty there, he explained, any other effort to address immigration on our end is just "window dressing."

He also cautioned that failing to address those core issues has even more severe consequences than immigration – citing the rising tide of illegal drugs coming from Mexico, he said: "People are driving across that border with tons, tons — hear me — tons of everything from byproducts for methamphetamines, to cocaine, to heroine." [sic]

Man, I can't wait for the Dems to take over. Things could get very interesting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here in Dallas, Texas Parkland Hospital has been famous for taking people in and helping them out. It's gotten so out of hand with respect to illegal immigrants that this year the hospital wants to charge the Mexican government for the expenses and burden that is breaking the medical system here. Considers this:
70% of birth's at Parkland Hospital are to illegal immigrants.
A substantial amount of care is given, not to residents, but to illegal immigrants who flood the hospital daily, because no one is turned away.
No one except maybe if you ARE a resident. Two years ago when I moved to Dallas, I did not have medical insurance. I was guided to Parkland by friends. I went and the fun began.
Here's what you need to get care at Parkland if you ARE a resident:
1. Copies of bills (at least two to prove you are a resident)
2. Employment verification and employer letter that you do not make 'enough' and meet state guidelines
3. State driver's license
4. Social Security Card and or Citizenship Papers

After you submit all of this you are then given a temporary card so you can be administered care and are expected to pay what you can to help cover your costs. I don't mind any of that, except that for illegal immigrants, hardly any paperwork is needed and there's no waiting in line.

I know the Council on Foreign Relations wants to merge Canada, and Mexico along with the Continental US into one big zone. What will be the implications of such a move I wonder and how many know about this fine plan on our behalf?


9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe all those unclaimed social security funds from people who use borrowed social security cards...maybe those funds can be used to pay for medical bills of illegals.

2:30 AM  

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