Friday, June 02, 2006

Thanks To ABC For Prime Time Spelling Bee

From Ash:

I just have to say a quick "thank you" to ABeeC for its decision to air the National Spelling Bee on prime time.

Finally, a televised competition that didn't involve a ball of some type, or eating a cockroach.

Finally, a celebration of children's educational achievement. Thank God.

I let my Tutoring Kids watch the Bee once they'd finished their homework. They were cheering, yelling out the words' spelling along with the contestants. They grabbed a dictionary to follow along, and then they complained when that huge dictionary wasn't big enough -- and that I hadn't thought to bring my OED. (And these are kids who normally are allergic to dictionaries.) Three of them were so into it that they stayed an hour after Tutoring was over to watch til the end.

I hope the ratings were huge, and that it's the first of many such events to come.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so cool about the Spelling Bee being televised. I wish I had seen the show. I have not watched TV for quite a while.

That is wonderful that your Tutoring Kids enjoyed watching the Bee. I am curious to know if any of them will want to enter the Spelling Bee themselves in the future.

There is a new movie in the theaters now. I think it is something like Aleekah and the Spelling Bee about a young girl who enters the Spelling Bee.

7:04 AM  

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