Wednesday, June 14, 2006

For My UK Readers

From Po:

Occasionally I get an email from a reader in the UK who begs, "don't forget about us over here!"

I recognize that Ashley and I are mostly quoting facts and statistics about life in the United States, since the majority of this blog's readers are here. We've used some statistics from around the world, but mostly to put the United States' follies in a proper perspective.

So here's something for my UK readers. Last Saturday, Ashley and I had the cover story of The Guardian's "Work" section, on a mother's right to work. The art for this was amazing, taking up the entire cover - two moms, dressed as 19th century military generals, fighting over a map of their child's lives. This link will take you to the article, but it doesn't show the art (sorry). The theme is the same as our article for Time, a father's take on the mommy wars. All of the statistics are from the UK.


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