Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bush Return to Gay Marriage Debate Is Pathetic Political Ploy

From Ash:

George Bush and the Senate's recent return to debating gay marriage are an absolute embarrassment, and you owe it to the nation to protest.

All right, I'm not known to be a fan of George Bush. And I admit that I'm a card-carrying lib. In other words, the Bush Administration couldn't care less about what I think. But I know at least a couple Republicans out there who read our blog, and perhaps there are others, so this message is especially for you. You have to speak out, because they care what you think. Or at least, they care about whether or not you keep contributing to the RNC.

There is no new reason to revive discussion of a Constitutional Amendment. There is absolutely no new issue, no new fact, no new court decision that would motivate either the Senate's taking this issue up for debate or President Bush's support of a ban on gay marriage. And I'm not the only one saying that. Senators -- Republican Senators -- are saying that.

The only possible explanation is that Bush's approval ratings are in an unstoppable free-fall, and the Senate is worried about midterm elections, so they've decided to return to a moral issue that will scare its conservative base back into the fold.

Ideally, I suppose the thinking goes -- the ultra-conservatives can be whipped into such a one or two issue moral frenzy that they won't even be physically capable of looking at the opposition candidates' credentials and positions. They'll forget about the war or gas prices or immigration or failing schools. Instead, all they will vote on is the threat of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Which, when you think about it from the Republican strategist point of view, is even better than the old terrorism scare tactic -- because hey, Al Qaeda is a threat -- but it's God who could strike us down for gay marriage.

Bush and the supporters of the Amendment argue the issue is about protecting the family and marriage as cornerstones of our society. If so, then they themselves should be appalled at their sheer political expediency. Because revisiting the debate now can only lead to the ultimate politicization -- and thus trivialization -- of the issue. And by issue, I mean any subsequent consideration of the "family" and all related issues, such as adoption (by gay or straight), divorce, housing, et cetera.

Seriously, we have to speak out. And I firmly believe that this is the case no matter how you feel about the issue -- whether you support or object to gay marriage. We shouldn't let allow these politicians to use cultural and moral issues as an expedient way to divide the nation and thus escape their failings in governance.

If you live in California, Alabama, Iowa, Maine, and Mississippi, let your voice be heard by voting in today's primaries. Everyone else, below are the comment contacts for you.

The White House (202-456-1111 or comments@whitehouse.gov)
Congress (202-224-3121 or write your representative )
Senator Bill Frist: 202-224-3344 or link to comment form


Blogger Andreia said...

While I consider myself a fiscal conservative and should know better than speaking for others on this, I gotta say one thing.

It seems to me from listening to the neighbors that the immigration issue is much more potent than this gay marriage amendment.

When Texas had a recent vote not one of my church-going, conservative buddies bothered to vote.

Just a thought.

4:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the gay issue, I strongly feel it is a veiled attempt on the part of Dubya and cronies to DISTRACT us from what is REALLY going on:

1) we are not doing well in Iraq and Afghanistan

2) we still have not found bin Laden

3) poverty levels have increased; more homelessness

4) that we are far less secure now than we were during the Clinton era when we had more money for airport security

5) that Bush and his buddies want to DESTROY the environment in order to make quick bucks

And there are so many other real issues that should be higher on the priority list than the gay issue.

I feel the gay issue is really minor compared to other issues.

True that some religions object to the gay issue but I think the real issue is these religions WANT people to procreate. They think that GAY = no kids. But many gay people still have children either through adoption or sperm donation.

I am more spiritual than religious.

Just needed to vent here!

8:54 AM  
Blogger Gale Force said...

I think that the Adminstration's insistence on the gay issue is symtomatic of a wider problem: an inability to deal with different-ness.

Different perspectives, world-views, life-designs, decision-making styles...

The problem is that they therefore learn everything the extra-hard way (most of us might simply read a history book) and the whole country pays the price.

As for the seemingly racially diverse appearance of some key office holders... see http://lushforlife.com/more.php?id=246

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no reason that gays and lesbians should not receive every right that heterosexuals do. It is shameful that if gays want to wed, they are denied that right. We will look back on this time and be embarrassed

6:35 PM  

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