Saturday, April 08, 2006

This Week's Recommended Reading

From Ash:

A couple articles of note this week . . . .

Immigration as a Family Issue

While researching the Factbook, we were amazed how immigration is an intrinstically familial issue. And while the Congressional debate may now at an end, there is an interesting portrayal of the connection between immigration issues and family ties in the April 4 New York Times article, "An Immigration Debate Framed by Family Ties," which unveils the immigrant background for four senators.

Indian Text Says Donkeys are Better than Wives

On April 4, Associated Press reported that a school textbook in India explains that donkeys are similar to wives -- but that donkeys were actually preferable because they don't talk back or act disrespectfully. The text was apparently government-approved prior to use in schools, but protests from women's groups is putting the book back under review.


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