Friday, March 03, 2006

Do Men Change Diapers? - Gender Differences When Work and Family Conflict

From Ash:

62 percent of American married fathers report that they've missed family obligations because of work -- a much higher percentage than that of married mothers (37 percent). And 55.7 percent of married fathers report that work has kept them from doing normal housework (compared to 40 percent of the mothers).

Still there's little difference in the number of fathers and mothers who believe they are successful at balancing family and work. 84.7 percent of American married fathers believe they are at least somewhat successful to completely successful at balancing work and family obligations, compared to 85.7 percent of mothers.

Because of responses like these, researchers have determined that for American fathers, making sacrifices at work due to family obligations negatively affects the way American fathers view their ability to balance work and family, while American mothers are more upset when they have to make sacrifices at home due to work.

In other words, American fathers are more upset when they have to leave work early for a PTA meeting. And the exact opposite is true for mothers: they are more upset that they missed the PTA meeting because they had to work late.


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