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"The $treet"

Aired Fall 2000 season
Executive Producer: Darren Star (Sex & The City)

Enjoy these highlights from the aired episodes.

When the show was cancelled, Freddie Sacker had ball cancer. Jack and Catherine (Jennifer Connelly) seemed destined to sleep together sometime -- how long did it take? Jennie Garth had joined the show as Sherman's big sister, Jillian. McConnell got a big crush on her, and she began to lead him down a dark path -- where did it lead? Mitchell (Adam Goldberg) kept falling in love with eccentrics (Xena stripper, Islamic virgin) -- did this ever bite him in the ass? 

We had written and shot several episodes that hadn't yet aired, so we knew the answers. Learn the answers to these and more by reading the script for Episode #9. (I can show you this since my name is on it).

In the meantime, I made some great friends and learned a ton. I'll always be a better writer for it.