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Legal Note
to The Nudist on the Late Shift


There are some people in this book who asked that their names be changed. They and their reasons for seeking pseudonymity are as follows:

The individual identified here as Michael Zilly was freely open and on the record about his unusual manner of funding his start-up venture--growing marijuana and selling it wholesale- until he got a job with a respectable corporation and did not want his background to catch up to him. His identifying details have been altered. The name and function of his product (now called the SupraNova) and the names of his business partners (identified here as Henry Silva, Jr., and Mark Conegan) are pseudonyms. 

In a similar dynamic, the individual identified here as John/ David Foster retroactively requested a pseudonym for himself and his employer only when the latter ran into unexpected financial difficulty. The names Kevin North, eFree, and eFree/Global are pseudonyms. 

In exchange for pseudonymity, the Oracle salesperson identified as Mars Garro allowed me to pose as his assistant while we made his rounds without requesting permission from his superiors. In the same chapter, the "E-Shop Merchant System" is also a pseudonym.

The individual identified as Claudia Gomez asked for a pseudonym, since lying about one's identity in order to trick receptionists into giving out employee names might be viewed as fraudulent behavior. 

The individual identified as B., who had developed an intricate plan to murder one of his coworkers, asked that I not use his name for obvious reasons. 

The individual I call Noah Ames asked not to be identified because, at the time, he was attempting to keep his Internet telephony product under wraps until a formal public product launch. 

The final person in the book I name only as Luis to protect his father.